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Online Resources: a variety of free games and links to other sites, but has intrusive advertising good for the very young PBS kids site, with a huge amount of primary level videos and games for kids PBS site - Click on a character then go to "Activities" for learning activities Short math lessons (someone would need to read the material for students not able to read) Links to Spelling, Vocabulary, States of the United States, Nations of the World, and Sudoku. multiplication practice, some advertising math games for ages 5-12 math games for ages 13 and up math for grades PreK-8 keyboarding for elementary level keyboarding keyboarding Elementary learning games math and language arts for K and up free math activities for K-12 using virtual manipulatives math for K-12 games from the US Mint free math lessons for K-12 writing for grades K-5 use the links at the bottom of this page for great resources reading for K-5 reading support, tests for books a place to make comics. Students choose a character, type in a balloon, and may then print or email the cartoon. Probably any grade level with help for younger than third grade. simple spelling activities using a list of your words or one of their lists Atomic Learning videos on Web 2.0: blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts biographies of past presidents, first ladies, etc. free videos on various subjects and you may pay for personal help with [[#|homework]] a fun activity for primary level kids for elementary and middle school girls to explore media, music, and healthy development Voicethread - you may post pictures with sound and gather comments from others Brain Pop - short animated videos on various topics - there is a subscription fee, there is a [[#|free trial]] difficult to navigate, but try parents>Additional Resources>Puzzlemaker to make your own puzzles, or Teachers>Additional Resources>Brain Boosters for brain teasers Colorado history - Outstanding source for [[#|photos]] with captions and [[#|quotes]] from people in Colorado's history Khan Academy - excellent free videos on a variety of topics

For parents, guardians, grandparents, etc. to help students: free activities to help with literacy from a highly respected source free or pay for an [[#|upgrade]] to make videos from pictures, [[#|video]] clips, and text with music Free for high [[#|school]] and older writers for help citing published works on a paper get a free wikipage

Adults: Brain games First 3 days are free, then there is a fee of 14.95/mos. Or $80.00/yr.

Online tutors (not free):
ESL (For those with English as Second Language)

Information on technology in the classroom:
Things have gone from the overhead projector and 16mm film projector to digital [[#|projectors]], document cameras, and interactive smartboards. There are [[#|computer]] labs and [[#|laptop carts]], microphones worn by the teacher connected to students who are partially deaf. The [[#|student]] could wear earphones or have speakers on their desk. Speaker systems for rooms to cover every corner of the room are available. Kindergartners taking ipods from their teachers home to read books. This has been proven to increase reading ability in Boulder schools. Teachers and students are using powerpoint presentations, slideshows, webquests, and online videos.

"Clicker" [[#|video]]:
[[#|Interactive whiteboard]] demonstration:
Channel 9 News report on ipads from their twitter feed:
School District 6 website: the district website has links to the schools by clicking on the "Select a School" button at the very top of the page "Isabelle" wiki - a collaboration begun by 3 student writers Blog for fourth grade students (2008-2009) Voicethread reading of "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" Voicethread reading of "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters" a personal blog about ideas in teaching